Elect Judge David S. Milton For District Attorney, Los Angeles County

Candidate statement of David Milton


  1. Five years as Deputy District Attorney, Los Angeles County.
  2. Twenty-four years as a Judge in Los Angeles Superior and Municipal Courts.
  3. Six years in the United States Army Reserve Specialist 5th Class, Military Intelligence, “Secret” Clearance


  1. Stop assaults on Jewish Americans and other minorities. Charge attackers with “Hate Crimes”.
  2. Stop “Smash & Grab” and “Flash Mob” theft. Charge perpetrators with burglary or robbery, not petty theft. The difference? Jail versus no jail time.
  3. Review all Police Officer-involved killings. Provide justice to the victim(s).
  4. Stop undercharging Illegal immigrant criminals to avoid deporting them.
  5. Seek prison time for Sexual Predators, use of a gun committing the crime, or injuring the Victim.
  6. Stop “Cyber-bullying,” “Cyber-Stalking,” and “Internet-Doxxing” by enforcing existing laws.
  7. Notify victims’ families of parole hearings, accompany them, and assist them to be heard.
  8. Seek maximum sentences for repeat offenders. Help released prisoners find employment and turn their lives around.
  9. Use electronic monitoring for parolees and low-level-no-risk offenders awaiting trial.
  10. Seek the death penalty only after considering the victim’s suffering, the egregiousness and callousness of the assault, and the certainty of guilt.


I pledge to bring back “law and order” to Los Angeles County.