Elect Judge David S. Milton For District Attorney, Los Angeles County

Criminals: You’re Done if I’m Elected

SAN MARINO—Today, Los Angeles County District Attorney Candidate Judge David Milton denounced the rampant crime, escalating mob violence, and retail theft perpetrated against every community and especially vulnerable minority communities in Los Angeles County.

“For more than three years, we’ve seen violence against innocent victims escalate and law and order protection collapse in Los Angeles County,” lamented Judge Milton. “Whether Beverly Hills, the San Gabriel Valley or Compton, crime based on race, religion and national origin, the kind we call ‘hate crimes’ has exploded.”

The root problem Milton explained, “is our current District Attorney. He only investigates or brings charges after embarrassing media coverage and enormous public pressure.” The Judge reminded everyone that the “role of the District Attorney is to protect the public without waiting for the media to force him to do his job.”
He wasn’t finished. “Numerous “Smash & Grab” robberies are reported every day, with hardly any arrests and even fewer prosecutions.” Milton continued, “These crimes affect every small business in the County. Prices we can ill afford increase to cover the losses and shoppers wonder whether they will be the next victim. Fear prevails instead of calm and orderly commerce.”
Judge Milton described how “undercharging” illegal alien criminals who commit felonies allows them to stay in this country instead of being deported. He deplored the “soft on crime” approach of our Current District Attorney at the expense of our communities. The Judge concluded that “the District Attorney must stop these crimes and stop being soft on crime if we are to live in a civilized community. Otherwise, chaos and fear reign.”
As District Attorney, Judge David Milton announced, “If elected, I will hire more Deputy District Attorneys to handle the case load, properly charge ‘Smash & Grab’ theft as robberies so the criminals go to prison and properly charge crimes by illegal alien criminals so they can be deported, as they should be.”
Judge Milton pledged “to work with local law enforcement, instead of against them and take criminals off the streets.” Otherwise, “As small crimes and hate crimes are accepted as ‘normal’, families move out, people refuse to invest in the community and the haters and criminals come to control of our streets, which no one wants.”
Judge Milton announced he would “form community task forces to recommend the necessary actions to make our communities safe again and decent place for all to live. They will be my eyes and ears. I will not be waiting for a TV station to show me criminal activity. I will know before they do, act on it and bring the criminals to justice!”
For more information on Judge Milton’s approach to crime, visitmiltonforda.com.
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