Elect Judge David S. Milton For District Attorney, Los Angeles County

Experienced Judge Enters Race to Retire Gascón

NORWALK: Today, Judge David S. Milton, who is an African American Indian and Army Veteran, has filed his candidacy to be the next District Attorney of Los Angeles County. Judge Milton is the most qualified candidate, and the best choice to replace the failed policies of District Attorney George Gascón. Judge Milton served twenty-four years as a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge. Before his appointment, Milton spent twelve years working as a Criminal Prosecutor with nearly a decade as Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County. A lifelong Republican, Judge Milton was among the youngest judges in the State appointed by Governor George Deukmejian. He is the only Republican in the field of 11 challengers.
Speaking to a crowd of supporters, Judge Milton explained “Gascón’s policies have led to an explosion of crime on our streets. Our residents don’t feel safe in their neighborhoods.” He went on to name a few of the many harms we’ve experienced in only four years of George Gascón at the helm.
“In Los Angeles County, many hate crimes go unpunished. Jews don’t feel safe celebrating Chanukah. Hamas supporters attack Israel supporters with little consequence. ‘Smash and Grab’ incidents—having become commonplace in our stores—are prosecuted as petty theft, not burglaries or robberies, as they should be. Petty theft convictions do not receive jail time but burglary and robbery convictions do. Illegal immigrant criminals are undercharged so they can’t be deported.”
Judge Milton was not finished, “As the new District Attorney of Los Angeles County, job one is to bring back law and order,” punctuating each word of “law and order.” With passion in his voice, Milton firmly declared, “Safety is not a campaign slogan. It is a fundamental need in Los Angeles County. Gascón must go!” to audience applause.
Judge Milton concluded, “I will restore law and order and bring back public safety. I will protect law-abiding Angelenos and take the criminals off our streets. Public Safety, Public Protection, Law and Order. That is my pledge to you, fellow citizens of Los Angeles County, as we embark upon this journey together.”